Bernie Sanders Interview With "The Young Turks" On Running For President In 2020


Sen. Bernie Sanders talks with Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, about his 2020 presidential bid, his platform, and who he might pick for a VP. Sanders said he will probably select someone younger than him who is a female.

"We have been criticized, correctly so, for running a campaign that was too white and too male-oriented, and that is going to change," Sanders said when asked what lessons he learned from 2016. "We are going to have a very very diverse campaign staff, and we’re going to do a better job of reaching out to every community in this country."

Host Cenk Uygur asked Sanders: "What are the attributes you would look for in a vice president?"

"I think we would look for somebody who is maybe not of the same gender that I am, and maybe somebody might be a couple of years younger than me," Sanders replied, adding "and somebody who can take the progressive banner as vice-president and carry it all over this country to help us with our agenda, and help us to rally the American people."

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