McCabe: "We Don't Know" If The Russians Ordered Trump To Fire James Comey


In an interview promoting his book, Tuesday on ABC's "The View," former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe said he wasn't sure if he thinks President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because he was ordered to by the Russians.

"Do you actually believe that the Russians ordered Trump to fire Comey?" co-host Meghan McCain asked McCabe.

"We don't know and we certainly didn't know that at the time," McCabe replied. "I think it is important to realize that the things that were causing us to believe that a threat to national security might exist had been building up throughout the investigation we were building through fall [of 2016]. It was the way the president had been interacting with us, the way he had talked about the case publicly, he tried to kind of undermine our efforts, he made it clear he wasn't happy about what we were doing, the fact that he had asked Jim Comey to shut down the investigation into Mike Flynn, which was an important part of that investigation, and then, of course, the fact that he fired the director when he didn't do those things that the president had asked."

"So you put all of those circumstances together and add to it the president's own public statements indicating that he was thinking about Russia when he fired the director of the FBI, we felt it was our obligation to act in those circumstances which are undeniable," McCabe explained.

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