Charles Blow: If Smollet Orchestrated Hate Crime He's An "Insane Person," A "Psychopath"


'New York Times' columnist Charles Blow said Monday on CNN it was so hard not to believe Jussie Smollet when he claimed he was a victim of a hate crime because he is "not an insane person," but now questions why did he do it and if the actor has lost it.

JOHN AVLON, CNN HOST: Not that you can get inside his head, but he's the one raising this to a national element, which -- elevating it to a national conversation, which makes the possibility of it being a hoax that much more devastating.

CHARLES BLOW, 'NEW YORK TIMES, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well listen, if Jussie has done what the Chicago police say he has done, it's not just that he's an actor, Brian. This is an insane person. This is -- this is a psychopath -- like -- and there's nothing in his history that suggests that he's a psychopath.


BLOW: That's why it's so hard for everybody -- that's why people are waiting, trying to figure out like please go back and interview him Chicago P.D. --

AVLON: Yes, got to do it.

BLOW: -- because we need to understand what's the motive because nothing --

I've met him one time. He was the sweetest -- it was just in passing at Essence Fest and I was with a girl with a college -- she's a big fan. And he -- she had to have a picture. He was the most gracious person and I think that that's the kind of feeling that people have about him.

So if you did this, we need to know -- like, are you crazy? Like, are you -- did you like literally lose it because nothing is adding up about why he would do this?

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