Bill Weld on Trump Primary Challenge: "Republicans In Washington Want To Have No Election Basically"


Sunday on ABC's 'This Week,' former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, who announced Friday that he is considering a primary challenge to President Donald Trump, accused Republicans in Washington of not wanting to have a presidential election.

"I think the Republicans in Washington want to have no election basically," Weld told ABC's Martha Raddatz. "I don’t think that would be very good for the country and I have a lot of views on how the president is acting in office."

"I don’t think he knows how to act," Weld said about Trump. "He thinks he has to humiliate whoever he’s dealing with or else he’s half a man. The emergency declaration is just one example of that. Congress thought they had a deal. He says, ‘Oh, you think you have a deal? I’m going to show you a deal. I’m going to show you who’s boss.’ It’s no way to run a railroad."

Weld said he plans to attract voters by arguing that Trump is "reckless in spending."

"They’re spending a trillion dollars a year. They don’t have that. It’s going to crush Generation X-ers and millennials in this country," he said.

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