Chuck Todd: Trump Made His Case For Emergency Much Harder By Admitting It Is Political


MSNBC's Chuck Todd reacts to President Trump's prediction that his national emergency declaration is headed to the Supreme Court, saying the president made his case much harder by admitting he has political motivations.

CHUCK TODD, MSNBC: I think he made his case a lot harder with the performance in the Rose Garden in particular. The answer he gave to [NBC's] Peter Alexander, the president essentially admitted he declared this national emergency for political reasons. Right? Throughout the entire press conference, it is unambiguous. If you're the president, if you're the solicitor general here and you have to defend the president's order on this, you're going -- my worst witness is the president himself.

I mean, this was a problem during the travel ban, which is why the first one went so poorly if you recall. He sort of forgets history there. They had to redo it. The only reason why the travel ban made it through is - it was so poorly done it got rejected, was not going to make it and they had to redo it in order to make it legal.

I think he made his case so much harder -- it was already I think a very tough case to make. That this somehow fits within the parameters of the National Emergencies Act, but he made it a lot harder by essentially admitting this was a political decision, not based on any sort of, other than a gut feeling or other statistics he looks at.

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