Trump: Open Border Proponents Are "Rich Liberals And Wealthy Donors" That Live Behind Walls; Me Too!


President Trump pushed for the wall and other border security measures at his campaign rally Monday night in El Paso, Texas. Meanwhile, Beto O'Rourke, the Texas Democratic nominee for Senate in 2018, held a counterrally where music emanating from the nearby Trump rally could be heard.

"According to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein, that music is from the Trump rally...over a quarter of a mile away," 'Daily Wire' reporter Ryan Saavedra tweeted. (embed below)

The president called out rich liberals and wealthy donors who oppose border security yet live behind walls and gates themselves. Trump said, "me too," and that he is "guilty" of doing the same.

"Walls save lives. Walls save tremendous numbers of lives," Trump said to applause.

Trump called out those who oppose border walls but are okay with walls and gates to protect their community. The president said he is guilty too because he also lives behind walls, but he wants to make America safe.

TRUMP: The biggest proponents of open borders are rich liberals and wealthy donors. These are hypocrites who oppose security for you while living their entire lives -- I do too, to be honest with you. I'm guilty! I'm guilty! I also live behind walls. Okay? They live behind walls and gates and they have guards all over the place. Me too! Because I want to be safe and I want to make America safe if you don't mind.

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