Trump on Warren: "She Should Focus More On Her Heritage And Not Being Ashamed Of What She Is"


President Trump said Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren should focus "more on her heritage and not being ashamed of what she is" in an interview with Laura Ingraham that aired shortly after his Monday night rally in El Paso. From Monday night's broadcast of 'The Ingraham Angle' on FOX News:

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS: What does that tell you about - - are they - - I got lots of texts. They’re trying to paralyze our economy with investigations, all these oversights. You’re getting hammered, I know - -


INGRAHAM: - - with requests for documents and so forth which is part of the oversight.

TRUMP: What’s happening to me - -

INGRAHAM: What’s going on there?

TRUMP: Yes. What’s happened to me should never be allowed to happen to another president. With investigations on things that never took place, like Russia. You know, the Russia collusion, delusion we call it. I call it a hoax and in fact it was very nice Richard Burr came out after almost two years of investigation. They found absolutely no collusion between Trump and the Russia which I could have told a lot of people and which I have been saying to a lot of people.

This has never happened to - - it’s - - the Democrats know it’s a hoax. This is a political game. So now the Russia thing is dead and now they say, well we’re going to look at every company that Donald Trump was ever - - they don’t have any information on anything. We’re going to look at every company that Donald Trump was ever involved in. I did great. I made a lot of money. Now they want to go back and investigate every company. We want to go - - and we have, I think 79 different letters from different committees - -

INGRAHAM: How are you going to respond to these letters?

TRUMP: Well for the most part they’ve conflicted. I got one from - -

INGRAHAM: Meaning?

TRUMP: - - I got one from Pocahontas today where it said that Donald Trump, we want to investigate some company that - - it’s so disgraceful. I said, just write her back and say she’s got a conflict of interest. OK? And she should focus more on her heritage and not being ashamed of what she is. She should really focus on herself. But we’ve gotten letters Laura from so many committees.


TRUMP: I didn’t know we had so many committees. I think it’s up to 79 letters. This is based on no information of any wrongdoing because I’m a very straight person.

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