Senate Appropriations Chair Richard Shelby: Border Wall Talks Have "Stalled"


Sen. Richard Shelby, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and a key negotiator in the bipartisan border security conference committee, revealed Sunday that talks between Republicans and Democrats on the border wall have "stalled." Aside from the total amount to spend on walls, Shelby said another point of contention was the number of beds available to Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] for the detention of criminals caught at the border.

"I think the talks are stalled right now. I’m hoping we can get off the dime later today or in the morning because time is ticking away, but we’ve got some problems with the Democrats dealing with ICE, that is detaining criminals that come into the U.S., and they want a cap on them. We don’t want a cap on that," Shelby said on 'Fox News Sunday.'

"We haven't reached a number on the barrier yet, but we are hoping we can get there. We've got to start movement," he warned ahead of the Friday deadline to avoid a second partial government shutdown.

Watch Shelby's full discussion on 'Fox News Sunday' with fellow bipartisan border security conference committee member, Democratic Sen. Jon Tester:

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