Mark Meadows: Trump Will Build Border Wall "One Way Or Another"


Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, told CBS's 'Face The Nation' on Sunday that the border wall will be built "one way or another."

MARGARET BRENNAN: How does this end? And do you expect the President to declare a national emergency?

REP. MEADOWS: Well I- I do expect the President and take some kind of executive action- a national emergency is certainly part of that. There are a few other things in his toolbox that he could use. But I do expect him to do that if we don't reach a compromise. And, listen we have about 24 hours to do that. At this point they're going to need to look at some type of funding measure to make sure that we don't have a lapse, whether that's a clean C.R. for a short term basis or a-a longer period going through the end of September. They need to make sure that they have something on the table and ready to be voted on in the Senate where we could pass it in the house without a lapse in funding.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Congressman, you and your fellow Republican colleagues were incredibly critical of the last administration when they used executive action that bypassed the will and consent of Congress. How can you support it this time?

REP. MEADOWS: You know I have been. And here's one of the things that I would reach out to my Democrat colleagues. If once and for all you're wanting to work in a bipartisan manner, to return the power back to Congress, I'm willing- I'm- I'm willing to do that even now with this president, with our president's party in the White House, I'm willing to do that. But until we do that, why should we allow a Democrat President in the White House to use executive orders and- and not do the same with a Republican President. I've put forth measures that would actually eliminate some of the executive branch power. You know philosophically, that's where I am. And yet, at this point, we have a crisis. We have a crisis with a need to secure the border that we have to do. And this President is going to build a wall one way or another.

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