Julian Castro: We're Going To Win Texas, Florida, And Arizona


Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro tells CNN's Van Jones how he'll make the 2020 election tough for President Trump.

"Do you think Trump would actually like to run against a person of color because he was getting people angry about Obama when Obama wasn't even running?" Van Jones asked Castro.

"Oh, yeah, he was a birther, I can only imagine as a Mexican-American, the things they're going to come up with for me," Castro said.

"He might think that you're his dream opponent," Van Jones said. "How do you turn that into a nightmare for him?"

"Well, number one, I'm going to win Florida, I'm going to win Texas, and I'm going to win Arizona," the former San Antonio mayor said, smiling. "That's 78 electoral votes, it will speak very loudly. I believe that if I am the nominee, and I can get back places like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and also go get places like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, which we have not been able to do."

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