CNN's Nina Turner To Democratic Congresswoman: Stop Blaming Trump For All Racism


During a debate over the blackface controversies roiling Virginia politics on CNN Sunday morning, commentator Nina Turner pushed back on Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) when she blamed President Trump for the country's race issues.

"We can’t forget about the person who is dividing us," Barragan said of Trump. "And who himself is injecting this into the country."

"This is not about President Donald Trump!" Turner said. "This is about racism in the United States of America. Congresswoman I hear you, but on this, we’re not blaming President Trump.”

"He has divided this country," Barragan replied.

"No," said Turner. "I am not going to continue to let politicians use this man as the excuse to deal with racism in this country. It’s been going on for far too long in the United States of America."

"Yes, President Donald Trump is a racist there’s no doubt about it," Turner explained. "But as we have seen, Democrats delve into racism as well. We’ve got to stop making about who’s a Republican, who’s a Democrat. I want to know who is a humanitarian."

"These three men," Turner said about the Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general in Virginia, "have nothing to do with President Trump."

"This is about racism in the DNA of this country," Turner added. "We are traumatized, and we are sick of it."

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