Julian Castro: Can't Sweep Virginia Democratic Crisis "Under The Rug"


2020 Democratic presidential candidate and former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro joins 'MTP Daily' to address the scandals embroiling the top three Democratic leaders in Virginia. He said not addressing rape allegations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax would be a move "backward" and called for "some process to understand what happened."

About the allegations of blackface against Gov. Ralph Northam, he called on the governor to resign, saying "he can't be effective."

About Fairfax's accuser, Castro said: "I read [her] statement. I believe her. I believe her claim. He has denied that. My hope is that there’s some process to understand what happened."

"For so many years, for generations, claims like this, whether they happened in the workplace or in the public sector, they were completely dismissed. Ignored sometimes, in fact, the woman would often be penalized, for bringing it forward. Thankfully, over the past couple of years, we've moved completely in the other direction," Castro said.

"Is there a point where we go too far?" asked host Chuck Todd.

"I believe that we should give the benefit of the doubt, at least when the claim is made, to have a process to understand what happened. They should not be dismissed. They should be believed," Castro said.

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