The Young Turks' Hasan Piker: Redistribution of Wealth Is Coming, "By Policy Or By Pitchforks"


'The Young Turks' commentator Hasan Piker explains why 'billionaire' is a dirty word and warned that a more equitable redistribution of wealth is coming, "by policy or by pitchforks."

HASAN PIKER, THE YOUNG TURKS: Technological advances have rendered globalism an unstoppable force so we have to adapt to it. One immediate way of doing that is through drastic wealth redistribution and that starts with banning billionaires. Part of the point of having a society, of having government is to "promote the general welfare." Welfare -- it's literally right there in the preamble in the Constitution.

Yet for some reason, we've been propagandized into believing that the purpose of the government is to clear the path for individuals to acquire and hoard ungodly amounts of wealth, regardless of the consequences to the rest of us or the health of the society as a whole. And now people all around the world are waking up. They are coming to the realization that this is no way to run a society and perhaps that's why 'billionaire' is becoming a bad word.

Look, this may scare you. But a more equitable distribution of wealth is coming, whether it is by policy or by pitchforks. So it's up to you guys. Which one is it going to be?

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