Larry Kudlow: Trump's Policies Ended Obama's "War On Business"


National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on President Trump's comments on socialism during his State of the Union address and the Trump administration's economic policies.

I just think it was great that he dealt with that issue head-on. Many of us had suggested to him that we should say something about all these crazy anti-growth, anti-incentive, anti-business, anti-reward policies coming out of the opposition party. And we should have a generic statement at a minimum and so there you have it regarding socialism. And I want to carry that forward, you know you and I've talked about this a while back and I want to raise this issue. One of the great things that President Trump has done in a relatively short period of time but he started right off the bat. His policies basically ended the war on business and the prior administration was conducting a war on business. Not only in terms of over regulation and taxing, which is bad enough, but in terms of attitudes, you know, what you say about businesses and I don't want to go deep into the partisanship here, that's not my intent, but what I'm saying is I believe President Trump really changed the whole psychology of large and small business men and women and that that's one of the reasons his plan has paid off and that we're growing about three percent which is you know, virtually nobody thought would be possible.

I think the psychology here is so important and hence the statement he makes on socialism is another reassurance that we will not go down that path and that we America has always been, we have always been a nation of entrepreneurs who thrive for freedom and the incentive model of growth.

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