Warren: "No Evidence" That My Native American Background Had Anything To Do With Any Job I Got


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) held a media availability Wednesday and apologized for "not being more sensitive" to tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty "and for harm caused." Warren said she is a not a member of an American Indian tribe as she tried to explain why she listed her race as "American Indian" on a State Bar of Texas registration card in 1986.

"Have you considered dropping out of the race?" a reporter asked as Warren walked away.

Warren said that it is been "fully documented" that there is no evidence of any kind that she used her background to advance her career.

"The president has made a case that you have used this part of your background to get ahead. Are you saying that this is something you fundamentally believed about yourself or how do you respond to your criticism that this is a knowing attempt to get ahead by using that claim of ancestry?" a reporter asked.

"That is a claim that has been fully investigated. It has now been shown completely that nothing about my background ever had anything to do with any job that I got in any place. It's been fully documented and there's no evidence of any kind other than it had nothing to do -- my background had nothing to do," Warren responded.

"Are there any more documents or any more forms like this out there where you have listed yourself as [Native American]?" another reporter asked.

"Look, this is who I grew up believing with my brothers. This is our family story," Warren said.

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