VP Pence Can't Guarantee There Won't Be Another Shutdown; "Congress Needs To Do Their Job"


Vice President Mike Pence told CBS's Jeff Glor on Wednesday morning that he can't guarantee there will not be another government shutdown next week. Congress has until Feb. 15 to strike a budget deal with the White House to avert a second shutdown.

Pence also said that the first shutdown was not a mistake. "I never think it's a mistake," Pence said. "To stand up for what you believe in. I think what the American people admire most about this president is he says what he means, and he means what he says. In a very real sense."

"He said there was a crisis at our southern border. He said he was determined to get the funding to build a wall and secure our border. And he was willing to take a stand to accomplish that."

"Now, we agreed to re-open the government for three weeks, because after talking to Democrats in the Senate and in the House we were told that they were willing to work with us. They were willing to fund a barrier at our southern border and to address the other priorities that the president laid out in that common-sense approach. We’ve taken them at their word," the vice president said. "The American people saw this president is absolutely determined to keep his word to secure our border and end the crisis of illegal immigration."

"Well, I think our hope is that there's not but I can't make that guarantee, Jeff. The simple truth is Congress needs to do their job. The president laid out last night a common sense approach to deal with what is a very real crisis on our southern border," the vice president said when asked to guarantee there won't be another shutdown.

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