Booker Press Conference After Launching 2020 Campaign: Need "Less Judgment And More Hard Work"


Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) holds a news conference after announcing that he is running for president in 2020.

SEN. CORY BOOKER: What I've heard all around the country is that people in America are losing faith that this nation will work for them. They're beginning to believe that too many folks are going to be left out or left behind. They're beginning to believe that the forces that are tearing us apart are stronger than the forces that bond us together as people, as a country.

I'm running for president because I want to address these issues. We are a nation -- everybody gathered on my front walk here from different backgrounds and different places, different races and even different political parties stood together, worked together to make this country stand for something.

What makes us unique is we have folks from all over the planet Earth... whose DNA is now on this soil, and by working together we did things that other people were impossible...

It is about time we get to the hard work of building this nation to who we want to be, the best values, our best ideals, the best of who we are. We need leadership in this country that understands what patriotism means. And patriotism is love of country, and you can't love your country unless you love your fellow countrymen. That doesn't mean we're always going to agree, or even that we're always going to like each other, but we've got to extend each other grace, less judgment, and more hard work to come together to do the things that other people on the planet Earth don't think we can do.

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