Cory Booker Launches 2020 Campaign: "Together, America, We Will Rise"


With an early morning tweet and an email to his supporters, New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker made his White House campaign official.

"We are better when we help each other," Booker says in a video message. "I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind; where parents can put food on the table; where there are good-paying jobs with good benefits in every neighborhood; where our criminal justice system keeps us safe instead of shuffling more children into cages and coffins; where we see the faces of our leaders on television and feel pride, not shame."

“It is not a matter of ‘Can we?’ It’s a matter of do we have the collective will, the American will? I believe we do,” Booker says in his introductory video. “Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose. Together, America, we will rise.”

His first television interview will take place Friday on ABC’s The View.

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