Trump: "Nancy Pelosi Will Be Begging For A Wall"


During a meeting with American manufacturers, President Donald Trump said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would "be begging for a wall" if they moved the current wall in Southern California to Arizona, while discussing ongoing negotiations for a border wall.

Pelosi said Wednesday morning that "There's Not Going To Be Any Wall Money" from the Bipartisan negotiation committee on the Hill.

"If there's no wall it doesn't work, she's just playing games," the president said of the House Speaker.

The president then reiterated his claim that "a lot of wall is soon going to be under construction."

"We're building a lot of wall," he said. "I'm not waiting for this committee."

"By the way, if you go to Tijuana, and you take down that wall, we'll have so many people coming into our country that Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall -- she'll be begging for a wall. She will say, 'Mr. President, please, please, give us a wall.'"

"It'd be very interesting," the president noted as an aside. "Some people have suggested, let me take the wall around California, let's take it to Arizona, let's take it to Texas. It'd be a very interesting statement."

"About Nancy," he continued. "In California, they wanted the wall built in San Diego, so badly, and we built it, and probably we should have waited, because as soon as it was finished, they started screaming, 'We don't want a wall, we don't want a wall.' And by the way, it worked."

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