Cenk Uygur: Left-Wing And Right-Wing Trump-Russia Doubters Are "Purposely Obtuse"


THE YOUNG TURKS: "This 15 minute private meeting happened in November and then Donald Trump announced that he was going to pull American troops out of Syria around December 19th," Ana Kasparian said on The Young Turks, "I just think this timeline matters."

Kasparian and Cenk Uygur analyzed new revelations that Trump had additional secret meetings with Vladimir Putin, heightening the possibility of the US President hiding a deal with the Russian leader. They raised concerns over the multiple lies from Trump following these meetings and questioned why he didn't invite aides or a translator to join and keep record.

"We were all wondering why he is pulling out of Syria in a panic," Uygur said, agreeing with Kasparian, "the way that he did it was very curious," admitting to supporting Trump's decision but doubting the means to which he reached that decision.

"You know who tries to avoid witnesses? Criminals," Uygur brought up, in response to the report of Trump having additional informal meetings.

"If you're breaking the law, you don't want any witnesses."

This moved Uygur to declare, "I don't care if you're on the right wing or the left wing, if you can't see that this guy is trying to hide some relationship with Russia you're being purposely obtuse," explaining that Trump wouldn't go to great lengths to hide these meetings and lie about the duration of his talks if he had nothing to hide.

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