Lindsey Graham to Democrats: Please Give President Trump A Deal On The Wall


In an interview with FNC's Peter Doocy, Sen. Lindsey Graham reaches out to his Democratic colleagues and urges them to take advantage of the next three weeks to come up with a mutually beneficial deal with the president.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: I'm somewhat optimistic the Democratic Senators who spoke yesterday are going to make sure the TPS (temporary protected status) population does not go into the darkness, that these DACA recipients can have a better life, they can go to school, they can get in-state tuition, legally. And all you've got to do is give the president a few billion dollars more for a barrier you've previously voted for. That's all you've got to do, give him the same thing you gave Obama and Bush, and we'll have a deal that will be good for the country. Please take advantage of this.

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