Bernie Sanders: It Is Time For The American People To Tell This President "He Is Not A Dictator"


Sen. Bernie Sanders responds to President Trump's latest gambit in the border wall/government shutdown showdown:

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BERNIE SANDERS: Trump even today, just a few minutes ago, announced that he is prepared to shut down the government again, unless he gets his way.

And I think the time is long overdue for the American people to tell this president he is not a dictator, he is not a king, he is not the despotic ruler of Saudi Arabia, he is not his authoritarian friend Vladimir Putin of Russia, he is the president of the United States. And he can not and must not continue to threaten to shut down this government and hold hundreds of thousands of federal workers hostage.

While I am delighted that the government is going to be reopened, and delighted that federal employees are going to get their back pay, I remain concerned by the over 1 million contract employees, often folks who work for low wages, who not only have lost pay, but at this point at least are not protected by any legislation to make sure that they get their back pay. And that is something I hope we can address.

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