Kamala Harris on 2020: Our Grandchildren Are Going To Ask What We Did At This "Inflection Point" In History


Senator Kamala Harris, newly declared candidate for president in 2020, talks with Rachel Maddow about the American call to public service, and lessons from controversies in her political past.

When asked why she is running for president after only two years in the Senate, Harris said, "November 2016."

"Frankly there is an attack going on not only on the American dream but on American values," she explained. "I know that might sound corny, but it is happening."

"Each of us has to figure out where we're going to step up and what we're going to do," Harris said. "It is one thing to complain but I think this is a moment that should require everyone to look in the mirror, and ask what am I doing right now?"

"Years from now, members of our family, our children and grandchildren, they're going to ask, 'Where were you at that inflection moment?' And they're going to want to hear, and I think we're going to want to say something that is more than just how we felt. This is a moment that has to be about what is each of us prepared to do," she said.

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