Donna Brazile on Kamala Harris: In Post-Clinton Era People Are Looking For Someone Fresh And New


Democratic operative Donna Brazile opines on the different advantages that Sen. Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden will have in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary in an interview with FOX News' Dana Perino. Brazile said it is a "good time to be a Democrat."

"She has a unique advantage and I also think she has a unique advantage because she has a unique voice," Brazile said. "And the fact that in the post-Obama era, because we are in the post-Obama era, and the post Clinton-era, people are looking for someone fresh and new and she might have advantage."

"I'm excited, you know why I’m excited, because the Democratic party we’ve been in the wilderness for the last few years and after the 2018 election, people are coming from all corners of the universe to say they want to toss their hat into the ring, so this is a good time to be a Democrat," the veteran Dem said.

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