Tucker Carlson: Free Speech Of All Americans Is At Risk


FNC's Tucker Carlson says political correctness is putting the free speech of all Americans at risk and wonders if President Trump will do anything to reverse the trend:

TUCKER CARLSON: Mueller's investigation into Russia and various other related and unrelated topics feels like it has been going on for about a generation now, but at some point, it will end. All things end. Obviously, we don't know what Mueller's findings will be. We do know there are an awful lot of people, from the Democratic Congress to the entire news media, who will use the Russia report, whatever it says, to try to force the president from office, that is inevitable. Donald Trump has an awful lot of enemies.

He also has a lot of supporters. 63 million Americans voted for this president. Pretty soon, he will need every one of those people to stand up for him. Not just him personally, but for Democracy itself. The principle that we choose and remove our leaders through voting, not by bureaucratic coups.

That moment is coming. Will the president get the support he needs to stay in office? So far, Trump's voters have been remarkably loyal to him.

But loyalty is a two-way street. It must be requited. You stick by the people who stick by you. Has the president stuck by his supporters?

In some ways he has. But if you voted for Trump, take a step back. How's your life two years later? Are you freer now to say what you think than you were on election day 2016? Are you bolder and more confident in your beliefs? Or are you more afraid?

It is a question James Damore might ask. The company that Damore once worked for, Google, often boasts about its commitment to the free exchange of ideas. So Damore dared to exchange his ideas with others. He never threatened or demeaned anyone, Google just didn't like what he said. So they fired him, and they trashed his reputation so thoroughly he couldn't find a job.

Something very like that happened to the tech entrepreneur Palmer Lucky. Lucky was thrown off the board of Facebook solely because he supported Donald Trump for president.

And how about Alex Jones? You may not like Jones, you may despise him. But you should know that he was systematically crushed by the big tech companies just for saying things they disliked. He can't even use PayPal anymore. He's not the only one, hardly. Others have been punished, not for what they say, but simply for refusing to read from pre-approved scripts.

A Virginia public school teacher lost his job because he resisted using pronouns he believed to be inaccurate. He didn't criticize or misgender anyone, he simply avoided using pronouns entirely and addressed a student by name instead. That wasn't good enough. He was fired for the crime of having an opinion that most of the country shares.

Those things happen, and they're just a few of the best-known examples. Imagine all those that don't make the news. How many Americans have been fired or denied work because of their political beliefs over the last two years? Who is protecting these people?

In the business world, virtually every major company seems to have lurched left since Trump's election. Corporate leaders are now openly determined to award this country's spoils on the basis of skin color rather than merit. They say it out loud. This is unfair and deeply divisive. It makes Americans hate each other...

Imagine how Barack Obama would have reacted if it had happened to his voters while he was president. Let's say it is 2010. Obamacare has just passed and public sentiment against the administration is intense. People are angry. Suddenly it has become, in effect, a crime to support Barack Obama in public. You can be fired for admitting you voted for him. You can be punched in the face for wearing a hat with Obama's name on it.

You think Obama would have done something about that? Hell yes.

These are his voters, he's the president of the United States. His job is to protect them, and all Americans who want to speak freely.

You would never get away with threatening an Obama voter for supporting Obama. There is no chance, not for a second. The FBI would be in your living room before you got home. And good for the FBI.

If our government exists to do one thing, it is to preserve the free society that is our birthright. That society is crumbling. This society is becoming less free.

The Trump administration should fight back against that. They have the power. Laws on the books already protect an individual's right to support any political candidate he chooses. He should enforce those laws.

Should Americans need the approval of some tech billionaire in order to exercise their freedom of speech online? We won't know until the administration pushes back against digital censorship. Facebook, Twitter, and Google likely would respond with legal challenges. Let them. Fighting for speech is always the right fight.

It is also good politics. The president is up for reelection in two years and he'll be judged on what he has accomplished in office. Will he get a border wall or an infrastructure plan? Who knows, the Congress doesn't seem willing to cooperate on anything.

One thing the president can do is exercise his executive powers to defend the bill of rights and the dignity of all Americans, no matter what they think.

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