McCarthy: Who In America Would Believe Border Security Would Not Include Some Form Of Barrier?


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins FNC's Jeanine Pirro to discuss negotiations to end the government shutdown:

PIRRO: You just heard President Trump right here on "Justice" discussing the latest on the border crisis and here to react to that and more, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins me now. Good evening, Congressman McCarthy. You heard the interview with the President?

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA), HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: Yes, I did. I thought he did a very good job.

PIRRO: And what is your take on the issue of the border and how the Democrats are handling it given especially that Schumer has voted for a border fence eight times, Pelosi has voted for a border fence, the way the Democrats are behaving in the meetings with the meetings with the President, what's your opinion?

MCCARTHY: Look, I've been in all these meetings and I've watched the President, even when you listened tonight, he was calm, just answered the questions. I watched him in these meetings. He's made offer after offer. The only people in these meetings that have not made a counteroffer are the Democrats.

The Democrats said they're for border security, but who in America believes that border security would not include some form of a barrier? We know that works. We know there is a crisis on the southern end. You know who else said there was a crisis on the southern end of our border? Barack Obama - who's voted for fencing. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Nancy Pelosi - twice, but now because it's President Trump, they're allowing their own political bias to enter in this for those extreme levels of the Democratic Party to stop anything from moving, and this is causing real damage.

There's 800,000 of Americans who didn't get a paycheck because Nancy Pelosi will not compromise. She will not even put an offer on the table and they've been in power and what have they done? Every week, they've been in power, the government shutdown. They adjourn instead of staying here and solving the problem.

PIRRO: Well, you know, Congressman, the amazing part of it all is that it's almost as though the illegals are more important to them than the American citizens, than the safety and sovereignty of this country.

MCCARTHY: Well what's very concerning to me, they'd rather have open borders than an open government. We have sat inside these rooms and when we had our first meeting in the Situation Room, to just get the facts on the southern border. The minute Secretary Nielsen from Homeland Security went to speak, Nancy - Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer interrupt, will not let her talk because they don't want to hear the facts.

Three or four meetings in, when we finally get the facts out, she says, "I just do not believe them." I thought the Secretary was very strong. She goes, "Ma'am, those are just the facts." And what's most interesting is when we first started these meetings, Speaker Pelosi could not actually discuss it because she wasn’t elected Speaker yet.

Then when she gets elected Speaker, the President even in the last meeting offered her what she wanted. He said, he turned to her and he said, "Okay, Nancy, if I open up the government in 30 days, could we have border security?" She said, "Not at all."

That's why he got up and left because they will not even go one minute of compromise and the President has moved from a from a concrete wall to a steel slat. I mean, he has moved and you've heard Democrats say they would support part of the wall part.

PIRRO: Part of the wall, absolutely. I ran several - the sound of them, but the amazing part of this thing is that if the American people 800,000 are not getting a paycheck and if 90 percent of the heroin in this country and I don't know what percentage of fentanyl is coming from the southern border and we know that there are gang members coming through, why isn't the American public onto the fact that they don't care about the American people? That if Chuck Schumer can't eyeball the President, he can't even look in his eyes and they come out smiling and smirking that you know, the American people need to get what's going on here.

MCCARTHY: What the American people have to understand, because of the rules of the Senate, you need 60 votes, so this shutdown would have never taken place unless Senator Schumer decided he would not provide the ten votes because the House when the Republicans were in the majority, sent a compromise over to the Senate that gave $5.6 billion in border security.

Schumer said no, so we went into a shutdown. The President stayed here to solve it and where did the Democrats go? Just like they went this weekend, they don't want to come back to the table and the President is right. We could solve this in 15 to 20 minutes, it would be over and we'll compromise, too.

I will work with any American that wants to put us - move America forward and actually secure our border and open this government up.

PIRRO: All right, I've got 20 seconds, Minority Leader, how does this end?

MCCARTHY: I'm sorry?

PIRRO: How does it end?

MCCARTHY: Well, how it should and how our government is designed that we find compromise on both sides. We secure our border just as President Obama said there was a crisis and we see that there's a crisis today that you have to have for border security, yes, some barrier along there.

We've seen it work in San Diego, El Paso, Yuma. We know that it works and we know we need a part of that and I appreciate the President being strong and staying and making it happen.

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