GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: "Would Hate To See" Trump Declare A National Emergency


Sunday on CNN’s 'State of the Union,' Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said he would "hate to see" President Trump use emergency powers to secure funding for a border wall.

TAPPER: We're out of time, but I just want to get you on the record.

If no compromise is able to be reached, would you support President Trump declaring a national emergency to be able to fund his border wall?

JOHNSON: A better solution would be to pass our Shutdown Fairness Act, which is going to pay those individuals that are being forced to work because they are essential.

So I have got a piece of legislation. I have got about five co-sponsors already. We will introduce it tomorrow. But it will actually pay those workers that Senator Warner is concerned about. So, hopefully, Mitch McConnell will bring that up.

Hopefully, Democrats will support it. Hopefully, President Trump can sign it, so at least those individuals get paid.


But, beyond that, assuming that the shutdown still continues, would you support President Trump, yes or no, declaring a national emergency?

JOHNSON: I would hate to see it.

Using that act, it would be -- in this instance would be a far larger act than has ever occurred in the past. So, I would prefer not, primarily because, if we do that, it's going to go to court, and the wall won't get built.

So, I actually want to see this wall get built. And so I want to keep pressure on Democrats to actually come to the negotiating table in good faith and fund what they have supported in the past.

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