Trump to Hannity: The Real Collusion Is The Media And The Democratic Party


President Trump visits McAllen, Texas to meet with border patrol agents on immigration, border security and is interviewed by FOX News host Sean Hannity.

"I watched last night I saw on your show last night actually where you had anchor after anchors using the exact same word it's manufactured," Trump told Hannity. "Sounds like they're in collusion a little collusion. That's the real collusion. OK. That's the real collusion you take a look because they all use the exact same term."

"I mean literally the exact same two words but they had manufactured," Trump continued. "I said Where did they come up with that. It's a manufactured crisis. No it's a manufactured soundbite because it was just a soundbite but every virtually every you know I call it the fake news. I'm sure you haven't heard because you're not fake news actually you're real news. And there is some of that. No there is some of that around unfortunately and these are great people."

"These are patriotic people that do it correctly but you know when I hear that term manufactured and you see every single group using it it's very sad," the president added.

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