Rep. Tom Cole: Offer Democrats DACA In Exchange For Border Wall Funding


Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) proposes a comprehensive solution that would end the shutdown and handle the upcoming debt ceiling. He said he would rather come to a deal than continue to fight. From Cole's appearance on Thursday's edition of 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC:

REP. TOM COLE (R-OK) I think you can hear look at this as a fight to be won, which is I think where we're at now. That's a mistake. We're a problem to be solved. To solve this problem in my view you've got to make it a little bit bigger than it is now so there are no obvious winners and losers. Personally, I would add DACA to the list of things this group ought to discuss.

I would also add in the next few months we've got to deal with both the debt ceiling and we've got to set the spending levels for government or we'll go through a 10% sequester-related cut that no Republican wants for defense and no Democrat wants for domestic programs. Make it bigger than deal with multiple issues that you have to deal with anyway and then I think everybody can walk away.

The president gets something on border security. There's a bipartisan consensus for DACA reform. We all know we don't want to go through sequester and have unnecessary and, frankly, devastating cuts. If you don't deal with the debt ceiling, you're going to deal with the economic crisis. Make it big enough that everybody's got something to win when they walk away. I think that's the road forward.

WILLIE GEIST, MORNING JOE: Interesting to hear you lead with DACA and to mention it a couple of times. Is that something you're willing to put on the table in exchange for a border wall.

COLE: Absolutely. We put it on the table last year and did exactly that on two different votes. You had a majority of Republicans for each vote. You couldn't get any Democratic votes last year but I don't think there were sure it would go through.

Again, if you have a major deal here that's big enough where everybody can point to something that they want, then I think they'd be much more willing to compromise. Right now, this is a winners and losers issue and that's not going to work out.

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