Glaude: The Wall Is A Symbol Of Fears And Anxieties, Trump "Doesn't Give A Damn" About Substance


Princeton Professor of African-American studies Eddie Glaude Jr. said the wall is a way for President Trump to exploit and their anxieties about the "changing nature of the country."

"So what does it mean to engage in good-faith negotiations about a lie? That's nonsensical," Glaude said Thursday on MSNBC.

"I don't think he wants the victory, he wants to fight," he said. "He wants to fight because the wall is a symbol of ideology. It's the symbol of a particular kind of way of exploiting people's fears and anxieties about the changing nature of the country. Donald Trump doesn't give a damn, at least in my mind, about the substance of the argument. He doesn't see the points of contact between him, the Republican party, and Democrats who are concerned about border security."

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