Tucker Carlson: Democrats Say Walls Are Only Good For Other Countries


Democrats claim the border wall is 'immoral'; Tucker Carlson asks what are the actual arguments for and against a wall?

TUCKER CARLSON: The battle in Congress over the border wall is still ongoing, now into its third week. Large swathes of government remain shut down, trash remains on the ground.

The president says he will not give in until he gets funding for a border wall. The president plans to address the country Tuesday night and travel to the Mexican border on Thursday.

On the Democratic side, meanwhile, the battle lines remain exactly in the places they were last week. They won't allow the wall to be built under any circumstances, they've said so many times. Mainly because of the risk it might actually secure the border. They can't say that out loud, needless to say, so they've come up with other storylines.

They argue that because walls have worked well for thousands of years, somehow they won't work now...

Here's another talking point. Walls are just immoral. Whether they work or not...

In case you're keeping track on your morality chart at home, walls are moral, in fact, more than moral, laudable, when they're built in Jordan, Israel, or Tunisia, with American backing. When they're built here to protect our own population, they are immoral. Okay.

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