Rahm Emanuel: Trump Thinks If He Gets The Wall, He Wins; Maybe Not


Chicago Mayor and former Obama advisor Rahm Emanuel weighs in on the government shutdown/border wall fight on ABC's 'This Week' roundtable:

RAHM EMANUEL: I actually think Trump has made one major miscalculation. He thinks if he gets the wall, he wins. I actually think he wants the issue.

If I was Donald Trump in the White House (and I don't want to be there), but if I was them I might think having the issue may be our win, not getting the wall.

I think they've made a strategic calculation.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: The risk there though is that he looks weak, right?

EMANUEL: His base will follow him right over a cliff. He won't look weak to the base. The problem is he's making every calculation on 34% rather than 51%.

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