Chris Wallace to Sarah Sanders: Is Trump Serious About Declaring National Emergency To Build Wall?


'FOX News Sunday' host Chris Wallace asks WH press secretary Sarah Sanders about the president's statement at a news conference Friday that if talks with Congressional Democrats fail he could declare a national emergency and order the military to build a wall on the Mexican border:

WALLACE: OK. The president now says, and this was a revelation on Friday, that he can go around Congress and build this wall on his own. Take a look.

TRUMP: We can call a national emergency, because of the security of our country, absolutely. No, we can do it. I haven’t done it. I may do it. I may do it. But we could call a national emergency and build it very quickly.

WALLACE: How serious is he about that? Has the White House drafted an emergency order? A resolution that he could, that he could -- that he could announce tomorrow -- we’re going to declare a national emergency; we’re going to build the wall. Has he set a deadline for when he’s going to end talks and simply say, I’m going to go off on my own and do it? And is he really prepared --

SANDERS: That’s a lot of questions.

WALLACE: Well, three. Is he really prepared -- it’s still the same question, which is -- how serious is he? Is he really prepared to go off on his own and use money that was authorized for military construction and build a wall instead?

SANDERS: The president’s prepared to do what it takes to protect our borders, to protect the people of this country; he knows that the number one job he has as president and commander-in-chief is to protect its citizens. And if he doesn’t take that seriously, whether it’s at our southern border or whether it’s from terrorists coming from whatever way they come, or any other place that --

WALLACE: And does he really think he has --

SANDERS: -- they can try to do harm to Americans, then he is not going to be the president that he knows himself to be, and he has shown himself to be over the last two years.

WALLACE: And he really, just quickly -- does he really think that he has the authority to build the wall with funds that were appropriated for the military construction without congressional approval?

SANDERS: As we’ve said for the last several weeks, we’re looking and exploring every option available that the president has, whether --

WALLACE: And is that a viable option?

SANDERS: Whatever action he takes will certainly be lawful and we’re looking at every option we can. This is something the president takes incredibly seriously, is very passionate about, and is not going to stop until he figures out the best way to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make America safer and more secure.

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