Rick Wilson: Trump Supporters "Not Sophisticated," Don't Understand Complexity Of A Border Wall


Republican commentator Rick Wilson ripped Trump supporters as "not sophisticated" people that are bright enough to understand the complexities of a border wall in a Friday night appearance on CNN.

"Walls fail," Wilson said. "Walls are not a functional means of defense. You know why the U.S. military doesn't build walls? Because we recognized years ago that any time you build a wall around yourself you are inviting attack, you're inviting subversion, you're inviting something to go around or under or through or over. So the idea of a physical wall, Donald Trump loves selling this to his base and, again, these are people who are not sophisticated, they are not bright, they don't understand the complexities and realities of this."

"Here we go with condescending to us in the Trump base," Trump supporter Steve Cortes said.

"Steve, if the shoe fits you wear it," Wilson shot back.

"That is Donald Trump's target audience. He is a con man who works unsophisticated people very successfully. He has always done this. He has always been this... Donald Trump works his con on people who are not sophisticated and this is something that they love because it's a simple thing," Wilson said.

"People like you are why we won in 2016," Cortes responded.

The prior night Wilson said the Trump base is made up of people with ten teeth.

"The wall has always been a con for Donald Trump's credulous rube ten-toothed base. The wall has always been a scam. It has always been a lie. Nothing about the wall has ever been real," Wilson told CNN's Don Lemon.

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