Sarah Sanders: President Trump Not Backing Down From Border Wall; Pelosi Wasn't Elected To Play "Political Games"


Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke briefly to reporters outside the White House Friday morning. She commented on the border wall negotiations and said President Trump is not backing down from his funding demands.

"Look, the president has been willing to negotiate from the beginning, but he is not going to put our national security and the safety of the American people at risk," she said. "I think you heard yesterday from the people that are on the front lines, the people that are dealing with this day in day out and have been for decades. This isn't what they want, this is what they say they need in order to protect citizens in this country and protect our borders. So the president is not backing down from that."

"The president has the support of the American people because they want to feel safe," Sanders said. "The number one duty that the president has, and frankly that Congress shares with him, is to protect the people of this country. We have a national crisis at our border, we also have a humanitarian crisis at our border, and the president is not going to back off."

"We're hopeful, because the people that elected Nancy Pelosi didn't elect her to come up here and do nothing, and didn't elect her to play political games. They elected her to find real solutions and actually work with the president and all members of Congress to get things done," she also said.

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