Ed Rollins: "The Party Today Is Donald Trump's Party, It's Not Romney's Party"


FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs said that Mitt Romney is "lower than a snake's belly" in an interview with Republican strategist and former Reagan official Ed Rollins.

"In the presidential race he was for everybody but Trump," Rollins said of Romney. "He was for three or four candidates. He did this too when he was running for the Senate in 1994: 'I'm not a Reagan Republican.'"

"And the bottom line is the party today is Donald Trump's party, not Romney's party," Rollins declared.

"He's a fool and he is absolute absolutely a treacherous fool," Dobbs said. "He's an embarrassment to the state of Utah. That's the way it's going to be. He's committed to his role as the smallest man in the Senate. it's dues disgusting."

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