Coulter: Trump And I "Have Had A Little Tiff"; In The End, "He Will Fold" On The Border Wall


Ann Coulter talks to radio host Mark Simone about her relationship with President Trump, him unfollowing her on Twitter, and how she believes he will "fold" when it comes to compromising on the border wall.

ANN COULTER: Yes, the president and I have had a little tiff.

MARK SIMONE, HOST: But now, two weeks later?

COULTER: Now, well, the good news is... he actually did shut down the government, but don't worry, he'll fold in the end.

The one person who deserves the most credit of all for going ballastic when Trump caved on wall funding right before Christmas, which I think we got him to take back, is Matt Drudge.

He was the one who put it up as the siren. It just shows you how the media is so terrified of Drudge that they will not mention him. Absolutely will not mention him. And to the extent they can, they're describing the people who got -- they're not wild about mentioning me or Rush Limbaugh. They want to be able to say 'FOX News hosts! FOX News hosts!' FOX was like three days behind the game...

He really does set the national agenda, as he did with this. I mean that's where I read about it and then wrote the column unloading on Trump.

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