Marc Thiessen: Democrats Are Demanding Absolute Submission While Trump Is Trying To Compromise


Conservative columnist Marc Thiessen on the Wednesday broadcast of 'Special Report' on the FOX News Channel:

BRET BAIER, 'SPECIAL REPORT' HOST: Marc, there seems to be backbone here on the president's part, and the word from Capitol Hill is that he is not going to back down unless there is significant movement on the wall or border security or a fence or whatever you want to call it.

MARC THIESSEN: I agree. Look, I think actually time is on the president's side in this shutdown fight, and here's why. Nancy Pelosi today made some snarky comment about how his concrete wall has become a beaded wall. That's a sign that the Democrats are not negotiating and they are not taking it seriously.

The president on the other hand -- Mick Mulvaney was on "FOX News Sunday,"
and he said they've made a counter offer to the Democrats for a lower price tag. FOX News has been reporting that it's $2.1 billion. So the president is trying to compromise and come to an agreement, and the Democrats are making snarky jokes and thinking they have him on the run and not engaging.

For the short term, he owns the shutdown because he claimed the mantle of the shutdown. He said I want to shut down the government over border security. But over time if he seems to be the one -- Americans want compromise on this. If he's the one who's compromising and the Democrats are demanding absolute surrender, then it's going to backfire on them because that's not what the American people want. And over time as he keeps making -- if he can be responsible and keep making concrete offers that are concessions to the Democrats, then over time they will start to on the mantle of the shutdown. So I think he's right to stick to his guns and be reasonable and make reasonable offers.

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