Lanny Davis: Mueller Credited Cohen For Testifying To "Core" Issues In Russia Probe


MSNBC: Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen provided extensive testimony to the Russia collusion probe – cooperation so valuable that Special Counsel Bob Mueller called it "credible" and recommended no jail time for Cohen. But federal prosecutors in New York apparently disagreed. They pushed for a jail sentence that is now the harshest, to date, of any individual caught up in the Russia probe.

In this detailed interview, former Clinton White House lawyer Lanny Davis, who has represented Cohen and continues to advise him, lays out evidence suggesting Cohen was treated more harshly than other witnesses and defendants, and explores questions that could prove important as these investigations proceed – Why did Cohen get sentenced to three years in prison despite Mueller’s public stance? Will a gap between the Special Counsel’s office and other federal prosecutors’ impact future cases and cooperating witnesses? And did the federal prosecutors in New York exercise sound judgment? Davis presents his views in this detailed MSNBC interview with attorney Ari Melber, the chief legal correspondent for MSNBC and host of 'The Beat with Ari Melber.'

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