Scarborough: Trump Used "Captive Audience Of American Heroes" To Push Unpopular Domestic Agenda


The president made a surprise visit to American troops in Iraq on Wednesday, his first journey to an active combat zone since he took office. While there, Trump doubled down on his decision to withdraw troops from Syria. Joe Scarborough weighs in.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The president's trip to Iraq and Germany were very good and valuable uses of his time over the Christmas holidays, and the troops there were clearly happy to see him. I think every American should be grateful for that.

But we should also be concerned that Mr. Trump once again used a captive audience of American heroes to push his unpopular domestic agenda. This time, the wall...

Donald Trump now calls Americans "suckers" for fighting enemies like ISIS abroad, dismantling their terror networks abroad, so we don't have to fight them in our own schools, churches, and airports...

U.S. leaders once stood up to bullying threats from tyrannical thugs from Turkey or Russia.

Last week, our president caved like a quivering coward to threats coming from Turkey's thuggish leader Erdogan. Donald Trump bailed out on our allies and he ran off his beloved defense secretary all in response to a threatening phone call from the leader of Turkey. Are you kidding me?

This week, the president has sat quietly by as Russia is now threatening the United States of America over Saudi Arabia...

Now we have a weak president who fears Russia and Turkey and is in full retreat across the globe and he has gifted the Middle East to Russia, to Iran, and to ISIS.

It just seems to me that we aren’t the suckers, after all, Mr. President. You are, and you’re the sucker for believing that dismantling America’s most successful military operations across the globe will do anything other than help Russia, ISIS, Iran, and our other geopolitical enemies, our threats. That is not going to make America great again. It’s actually going to make us much weaker than we’ve been at any time since World War II.

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