Stephen Moore: Trump Should Fire Fed Chair Powell "For Cause," He's "Wrecking Our Economy"


Economist and conservative commentator Stephen Moore said Sunday that the Federal Reserve is "the swamp" and President Trump needs to drain it, even if it means exercising his power to remove Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

From this week's broadcast of 'The Cats Roundtable' on WNYM-AM:

STEPHEN MOORE: People are taking out their wallet and are spending money. If only the Fed would loosen up a bit so that we don't have a recession. That's my only real worry right now...

There's a big question now that's being debated about whether Donald Trump has the authority as president to replace the Federal Reserve Chairman. As you know he was the one who put him in that position. What the law says, I believe, is he can replace the Federal Reserve Chairman for cause. And, you know, I would say, well, the cause is that he's wrecking our economy.

Listen to the full interview:

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