Graham: Democrats Hate Trump So Much They Can't Understand That America Needs A Wall


Sen. Lindsey Graham said Republicans are not going to give in and on getting funding for the border wall in an interview Saturday night. Graham said that the shutdown over the wall is about Democrats "hating" Trump so much that they want him "to lose."

"Senator Schumer, what does it take for you to realize that we need more money for a broken border? This is about them hating Trump so much, wanting him to lose, they can't understand that America needs to win and we're not going to give in. I'm a pretty reasonable guy but we're not going to give in on this," Graham told FOX News host Jeanine Pirro.

PIRRO: ALL right and joining me now with more on all of the developing news and the fight for border security, Senator Lindsey Graham. All right Senator, should Mitch McConnell have sent them home well?

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: Well, you know, I don't think we're going to do anything between now and Christmas.

PIRRO: Why not?

GRAHAM: Let me just say - well, it takes two to tango. Here's what Schumer said, I'm going to quote you, Judge. "Schumer demands Trump abandon the wall." So Senator Schumer, we're not going to abandon the wall. We're going to build the wall and to all of those Americans who want us to abandon the wall and open up the border, that's what this fight is about. We don't agree with you.

So Mark and Jim and Matt deserve a lot of credit for getting the President in a good spot. I had lunch with the President today and I can promise you, we need more money for the wall along the border. Schumer wants to abandon the wall. We want to build it. That's what this fight is all about and it really is a silly petty fight on behalf of Democrats.

PIRRO: Okay.

GRAHAM: They all voted for $25 billion for the wall, border security in February.

PIRRO: Okay, but they won't - they won't allow for the actual building of a concrete wall. All right, I don't know if you heard my open, but there's an eight-month pregnant woman who scaled that ridiculous fence so she can get over. Listen, are you going to have to compromise in the Senate and how - in order to get the wall, because I can't believe that in the end, we will not get this wall, but maybe I'm just an optimist.

GRAHAM: Well let me tell you, we need the wall and after the caravan, okay, the President asked for $1.6 billion for wall funding early in the year. Along comes the caravan - 5,000 people show up at our border near Tijuana, Mexico and you made a very good point. What kind of wall is it that a nine-month pregnant woman can climb over, have the baby on our side with an hour? I am so glad she's healthy; apparently, the baby is okay. What else did we learn about our wall?

Somebody put an eight-month old baby under the wall, so Senator Schumer, what does it take for you to realize that we need more money for a broken border and this is about them hating Trump so much, warning him to lose, they can't understand that America needs to win and we're not going to give in.

PIRRO: Okay.

GRAHAM: I am pretty reasonable guy, but we're not going to give in on this.

PIRRO: And you're a pretty reasonable guy, senator, who doesn't agree with the President --

GRAHAM: If I say so myself.

PIRRO: Yes, I'll say it. You don't agree with the President on everything and Syria is one of those issues, but I'm honestly right now, I'm into this wall right now. How are you going to get nine Democrats to vote for the wall? What are you going to do?

GRAHAM: We're going to go on TV and say to the American people that we need more money for wall funding because the threats against the country are greater, not smaller and the President asked for $1.6 billion, Democrats agreed to $1.6 billion. The difference between $1.6 billion and $5 billion is very small in a $3 trillion budget. The need is there.

Every Democrat in February voted for $25 billion dollars for wall funding. We're going to make the case that this is unreasonable and it is dangerous.

PIRRO: You know what? Okay, I just thought of something. You know, in the Omnibus Bill with the $700 billion for the military and all the other stuff, $500 billion for Planned Parenthood, you know, it was a compromise, right?

GRAHAM: Right, the whole deal.

PIRRO: They had $1.6 billion, I believed in that Omnibus Bill for the wall, but they specifically said Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, you can't use any of it for the wall. What makes you think Mitch McConnell is in with you guys on this?

GRAHAM: Well, I think Mitch is not the problem. I think, he's the solution. I think Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the hard left are the problem. Chuck Schumer said today, "I demand that the President abandon the wall."

PIRRO: You know what I hope he does that continuously.

GRAHAM: If you want to know what this is about they want to abandon the wall, we want to build it.

PIRRO: Why does Chuck Schumer - why does Chuck Schumer hate the President so much?

GRAHAM: Well, you know I'm not saying he hates the President as a person. I'm saying this, that he hates the President's agenda. That he's cow- towing to the radical left that most Americans understand compromise is good, the Democrats have told the President, you won't get one penny for the wall. The people voted for the President to build a wall. They're on the wrong side of this issue.

The three people coming behind me, these congressmen, they understand what 2016 was all about. We did lose the House in 2018, but I promise you this, the issue of securing our border is alive and well and when Chuck Schumer tells the President, he demands that he abandon this wall. President Trump should listen to your opening statement, he will. I've never seen the President more determined to get something done than to build this wall.

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