President Trump: Totally Up To The Democrats Whether We Have A Shutdown


U.S. President Donald Trump comments on the looming government shutdown at a signing ceremony for the “First Step Act” and “Juvenile Justice Reform Act”.

DONALD TRUMP: We've had a very busy two or three days. It has been very positive. Things are happening that haven't happened in our government for a long, long time.

The other night we had a vote on border security, and I think we want to discuss it just for a second. The House of Representatives voted 217-185 approving strong border security and the money necessary to take care of the barrier, the wall, or steel slats, whatever you want to call it, it is all the same.

And it was a tremendous evening for the Republicans, to be honest with you. The level of spirit, the level of happiness, a lot of people came out and said they had never seen -- one man, in particular, said he's been there for 20 years and he had never seen spirit like this.

They came from all parts of the country, a couple of them came from other parts outside, so I say all parts of the world in order to vote, and they voted and it was an incredible vote. We were told we would never get the House to vote, well we were able to get the House to vote.

It wasn't that we did it, they did it. They were incredible, so I want to thank in this case, House Republicans. What they did was rather incredible. And now the Senate is looking at it, we just had a meeting with some of our great senators, Republicans, it lasted for a long time. Tremendous enthusiasm for border security. I think I can speak for them when I say they want to see something happen on border security. They want the security of safety. They want safety for our country.

Drugs are pouring in and we've done an incredible job, considering we have no barrier. Human trafficking is at the all time worst in history because of the internet. And the human trafficking problem is a problem that has gone on through the ages, but it had never been worse because of the internet. All over the world.

So we need border security, and the Republicans in the Senate are taking it up today, and it is really up to the Democrats. Totally up to the Democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown.

It is possible that we’ll have a shutdown. I would say the chances are probably pretty good, because I don’t think the Democrats care so much about maybe this issue, but this is a very big issue. It is an issue of crime, it is an issue of safety, it is an issue of least importantly, dollars. We spend $285 billion a year on illegal immigration. We have to finally do it. The wall will pay for itself on a monthly basis. Literally every month it pays for itself. So we’re talking about small amounts of money. Think of it, we approve, and we got good Democrats support last year for $700 billion for the military, recently $716 billion for the military, and here we’re talking about $5 billion. It is a tiny fraction, but unfortunately they’ve devoted their lives to making sure that it doesn’t happen and that wasn’t for what should happen, that was for political reasons. So we are going to be working very hard to get something passed in the Senate. Tjhere is a very good chance it won’t get passed, it is up to the Democrats, so it is really the Democrat Shutdown. We’ve done our thing.

Nancy Pelosi said you’ll never get the votes in the House, we got them, and we got them by a big margin. 217-185. So, now it is up to the Democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown tonight. I hope we don’t, but we’re totally prepared for a very long shutdown and this is our only chance we’ll ever have, in our opinion, because of the world and the way it breaks out, to get great border security.

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