McConnell: Senate Should Put National Interest Ahead Of "Personal Spite" For The President


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calls on senators to vote for a continuing resolution including border wall funding to avoid a partial government shutdown.

He said the legislation would be "quite uncontroversial" in a "more normal political moment... when both parties put the national interest ahead of any personal spite for the president."

"I support the additional border security and disaster aid that the House added to the bill, and I am proud to vote for it," he said. "It is not a radical concept that the American peoples' government should be able to control the people and the goods that flow into our country. It is not a radical concept that physical barriers play an important role in achieving security, unless there is a caucus of lawmakers that go to bed with their front doors wide open that I am not aware of."

"What is radical and way out of the mainstream is this absurd premise of the open borders far left that achieving basic stability and law enforcement on our southern border is somehow in itself without compassion or discriminatory or immoral," he said. "Fairness and compassion don't mean only enforcing some of our laws half-heartedly."

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