Jennifer Rubin: Republicans "In Their Own Little World" When It Comes To Border Wall


Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin comments on the bind President Trump is in when it comes to paying for the border wall:

JENNIFER RUBIN, WASHINGTON POST: The American people recoil from this idea of a wall. As a practical matter, it makes very little sense. It puts us at odds with Mexico whose cooperation we need. It diverts resources. And it sometimes makes for more illegal aliens, because those who are casual travelers back and forth across the barrier get caught in the United States.

I think this is absolutely critical. The Republicans are operating in their own little world here on this and so many other issues. What's popular with the base, 80%, 90% of the base, is very unpopular with America, whether you look at climate change, whether you look at the wall, whether you look at a whole slew of issues. Republicans are in their own little world. So Donald Trump, who goes out and loves the applause of the crowd, goes out to red states and gets lots of applause says the people are with us.

The people are the entire United States. He may not have governed that way that's the reality. Now he has a Democratic Congress and he has a Senate that's kind of all over the map. So he's not going to get this.

Donald Trump, his entire life has gotten through with his salesmanship and never really having to deliver. Now he's caught. There's no bankruptcy he can run out of town with casinos. He can't simply close down the vodka or the steak line. He's got to sit there and deal with the fact he has not delivered. So, I think he's caught. I don't think he particularly has a game plan. He's just waiting for Congress to figure out how to get him out of this.

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