Graham: Same Folks Who Were In The Tank For Clinton Are On The Trail Of Flynn


Sen. Lindsey Graham weighs in on the prosecution of Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian diplomats:

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Number one, this was all post-election intrigue. I don't know why it is a crime to talk to the Russians when you're in transition. I guess it is a crime to lie about talking to the Russians when you're in the transition from one administration to the next. so if you're looking for the big picture, no evidence of collusion by the Trump campaign during the campaign with anything Russian thus far, and if they had it, Flynn would have known about it, they would have charged him with it. So if I'm the Trump people, I'm thinking this is all process stuff...

The whole purpose of Mueller being around is to try to find out if the Trump campaign got any advantage from colluding with the Russians from stolen emails from the DNC and Podesta. The answer thus far is no. But one thing that jumps out at me is they phoned in the Clinton investigation. They were in the tank for her, they hated Trump and liked her. They wanted an insurance policy. And the same folks who were in the tank for Clinton are the ones on the trail of Flynn and the Trump folks.

There is a certain unevenness about how you investigate campaigns, and that bothers me.

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