Stephen Miller: Trump "Absolutely" Willing To Shut Down Government Over Border Wall


White House senior adviser Stephen Miller joins 'Face The Nation' host Margaret Brennan to discuss the future of the Affordable Care Act and whether or not the government will shut down over the border wall.

BRENNAN: I want to quickly, though, get to -- because we're going to run out of time, I want to get to this question of the border wall, which I know you're a huge advocate for.

We are about five days from a potential government shutdown. And Republican leadership says there's no plan.

What is the president's plan? And will he shut it down to get this $5 billion in border wall funding?

MILLER: We're going to do whatever is necessary to build the border wall, to stop this ongoing crisis of illegal immigration.

BRENNAN: And that means a shutdown?

MILLER: This is a -- this is a very -- if it comes to it, absolutely.

This is a very fundamental issue. At stake is the question of whether or not the United States remains a sovereign country, whether or not we can establish and enforce rules for entrance into our country.

The Democrat Party has a simple choice. They can either choose to fight for America's working class or to promote illegal immigration. You can't do both.

BRENNAN: Is there wiggle room on that $5 billion?

MILLER: I'm not going to negotiate the details on air with you right now.

BRENNAN: Well, Senator Schumer said this morning you're not getting the border wall in any form.

MILLER: If the Democrat Party wants to...

BRENNAN: In any form.

MILLER: If the Democrat Party wants to go down the road of continuing to preserve a model that enriches smuggling organizations, that spreads misery on both sides of the border, that kills 300 Americans a week through heroin overdoses alone -- and, by the way, illegal heroin costs our country $230 billion every single year.

BRENNAN: But you're talking about the intent of these migrants and trying to stop that, which really gets you more to the diplomatic issues of why people are fleeing the first place, not the border wall itself.

But when it comes to a shutdown...

MILLER: The largest increases -- the largest increases...

BRENNAN: Are we going to have a shutdown over Christmas?

MILLER: As you yourself acknowledge, the largest increases in illegal immigration are categories that are incentivized by loopholes in our laws and loopholes created by activist left-wing judges, including the district court judge who enjoined...

BRENNAN: I didn't say that. I said there are a record number happening right now.


MILLER: In the categories that correspond with these loopholes and the interventions, reckless, lawless interventions of district court judges -- and this president has taken historic action to stem the tide of illegal immigration and to fight for working people in this country.

BRENNAN: And this is his last, best chance to get a border wall before Democrats take the majority?

MILLER: And we want -- we -- it's time that both parties -- and this is what the American people want -- both parties to come together for the sake of American children, for the sake of children all across this hemisphere, to create a lawful system of immigration.


MILLER: Not the lawless chaos that has been perpetuated for too many decades.

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