Nunes: Flynn Pleaded Guilty Because He Was "Out Of Money," "Had To Sell His House"


Rep. Devin Nunes talks about why Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI on 'Sunday Morning Futures' with FNC's Maria Bartiromo.

REP. DEVIN NUNES: Well, I think what was likely is, is that General Flynn was just out of money.

If you look at some of the documentation that's come out in the last week, I think most notable is the one line that says that General Flynn actually knew that the agents must have had the transcripts.

So, look, General Flynn is the former head of the DIA. He -- 30 years of military service. He has to know, when the agents start to talk about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, that they have the transcripts, not to mention that, remember, that -- some of that had already leaked out.

So just General Flynn knows that they had the transcripts, so why is General Flynn going to lie about something that he knows they have exactly what he said? And it never made any sense from the beginning.

I think what the more likely scenario is, is that General Flynn was out of money. How do we know that? Not because he's told me, but because he had to sell his house to pay his legal bills.

And then what you have seen is, even though it's been a year basically since he said, look, fine, I lied to you guys, you can bust me on this, knowing that he's not going to get any jail time, Mueller then comes out, does -- says, oh, we're not going to give this guy any jail time, well, knowing that, for all this time, likely, this was just a way for General Flynn to just end the investigation against him.

BARTIROMO: Because other people were speculating that maybe he was worried that they would throw the book at his son, that basically they put him in a corner and coerced him into saying things like, I lied and broke the law.

That's the way The Wall Street Journal writes it. The Journal editorial put out an article last week titled "The Flynn Entrapment."

And it reads in part this: "Not a rich man after decades in uniform, Mr. Flynn pleaded guilty to avoid bankruptcy and spare his son from becoming a legal target. Mr. Flynn's filing doesn't take issue with the description of his offense. But the additional facts the Flynn defense team flags for the court raises doubts about FBI conduct."

You have been investigating the FBI and the Department of Justice this entire year. What's your reaction to their conduct?

NUNES: Well, you know, one of the things is, is that we were actually never able to interview the second FBI agent that was there in the interview.

I would -- we have Chuck Grassley, Senator Grassley, and his team have been asking to get those -- the original FBI reports that came out of that Flynn interview. So there's so much that's -- that's out there that we need to know still, that I am really hopeful that the judge didn't just receive this interview with Peter Strzok that you saw that he got on Friday afternoon.

I really do hope that he actually got all the memorandums, all the memos, everything that was written after that, because it was clear from all of our investigation that we have done that the FBI agents who had interviewed Flynn didn't think that General Flynn was lying.

And then it doesn't pass a simple straight-face test that General Flynn would lie, when he knows that they have the transcripts of his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

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