Turley on Flynn: It Was A "Canned Hunt," "They Put Him In A Cage And Shot Him"


George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley weighs in on a federal judge ordering the Mueller team to surrender documents surrounding the questioning of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Turley called the case against Flynn a "canned hunt" and investigators effectively "put him in a cage and shot him" by bringing him up on charges of lying during an interview brought about under unorthodox means, according to FOX News.

"They are dangling out what is called a 5k1.1 letter which is basically a cooperation letter and they come back repeatedly and say, you don't have that letter. Essentially they are turning that into a canned hunt. The only way he's out of that cage as if he tells them what they want to hear. But that's actually concerning to me because here's a guy who obviously is cooperating fully, they say he is credible," Turley said.

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