Pelosi: "Mexico Is Not Paying For This Wall"; "The Oval Office Is An Evidence-Free Zone"


Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) remarked on the Oval Office meeting she and other Congressional leaders had with President Trump on Tuesday. She criticized holding the meeting public with cameras in the room, but "out of the respect for the office he holds," she didn't want to press the issue.


QUESTION: Back on the border wall, the president had a tweet today where he said that the renegotiation for the trade deal was Mexico paying the $5 billion itself...


QUESTION: ... that it pays for itself. Did he at all argue for that when you guys met him...


PELOSI: Yes, he did.

QUESTION: ... the other day?

PELOSI: He said that. That -- but it doesn't make any sense.

Does that sound familiar to you? It doesn't make any sense.

That is basically what he's saying. Any benefit our economy might have from a trade agreement, of advised (ph) trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, would be spent on the wall instead of growing our economy, increasing paychecks for our workers. The American people are still paying the price. Mexico is not paying for this wall.

But maybe he doesn't understand how a trade agreement works, for him to say such a thing.

But you asked the question about it, so you must have thought it had some merit.

QUESTION: I just wanted to get your reaction.


PELOSI: I mean, really? Really?

First of all, he doesn't even have the trade agreement. Let's see the -- the enforcement in the agreement for environment, for workers' rights, for some of the pharmaceutical issues and other health-related provisions in the legislation (ph). Let's see the enforcement there.

QUESTION: Do you think negotiations (ph)...


PELOSI: I'm open to a -- a revised, as I said, trade agreement, formerly known as NAFTA. But it isn't -- we're not there yet.

And for the president to say, "Mexico's paying for this because of the revised NAFTA, that money will be used to pay for the wall," is an opportunity cost for our country. And -- if it were so. But it even is -- it isn't even so.

So I think the Oval Office is an evidence-free zone. You've got to have facts, data, evidence, truth in order to make an agreement on how you go forward.

And that's just another example of what we had as a problem, wanting to discuss, in public, some of the representations that the president was making which just simply weren't true, but out of respect for the office that he holds, not to keep saying that in front of the American people.

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